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Free Shipping For All Orders Over £15 / $20
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Button Covers

Easy to Fit. Easy to Remove.

Simply open the base, slide over the button and clip into place. That's it. They can be removed with one hand - so no more fiddling around with difficult to fit cufflinks.

Two Sizes. Slimmest Design.

Many of our button covers are available in two sizes - Standard (18mm / 0.7 inch), and Mini (15mm / 0.6 inch).

They are designed to be worn on shirt cuffs as an alternative to cufflinks. The mini size can be worn on shirt-front buttons but are 6mm / 0.2 inch larger than regular shirt studs.

The standard size button covers will fit over all regular shirt buttons, but the mini covers may not fit over thicker buttons or buttons larger than 12mm / 0.45 inch. 

The Perfect Gift

Packaged in a small presentation box, our button covers are an affordable gift for everyone wearing shirts. Choose from our classic range for a business gift, or go for the bright covers and for a distinctive gift to family and friends.